Let's talk real talk #04-why I find feminism hard to agree with

Disclaimer: I do not write for pity for sympathy or for money I write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason I post online because it is requested by many people

you may know people around the world on the 21st of January marched and made history. if you wish to find out more about the march and are unaware of what happened to click on the image below :)

in this blog post I will be addressing sensitive and controversial subject that might offend people i am 100% writing this blog because it's a way of expressing my opinions in a way that people can have discussion in a calm fashion if you have any queries or anything that has been miss interpreted by me let me know and its a quick fix to editing those parts, basically just realise I'm not a genius I don't know all the Tumblr terms and phrases for everything so just know if I make a mistake that everybody makes mistakes and unless you're a five-year-old, a monkey who possessed the ability to read or a just plain out inconsiderate jerk then you understand the fact that humans learn from mistakes, and because (shocker) in a human I will learn too. 

the subject of feminism has popped into my head recently as the women's march is an act of it I would straight off the bat like to say that I am 100 all for the woman's march and feminism but not the/e term feminism and how the word has crippled from its original meaning.here is the google definition:
let's break this down a bit remember the whole I am human I make mistakes' part from earlier ..please, thank you.
1.this makes sense ok so surely feminism is about making sure women have rights okay yeah that's awesome !!
2.right..so this means that they do this making sure that they protect both genders rights because 'equal' means balanced this means surely if you were a feminist you would fight for all rights but where women's rights are being threatened then when you campaign against that then you're a feminist? I don't know.
3.this sort of shows that this word contrary to the equal rights movement and focuses primarily on women?

all of this is confusing as  I support neither men or women rights movements but human rights and i feel as if it's hard to declare myself a feminist as it has an almost pretentious and vicious  view that has beeing given to it due to the actions people that claim to be a part of feminism none..like at all! in conclusion, in my opinion, the best thing to do is stand up for your beliefs without:

a) dishing out violence and harassment against those who disagree (that also means online if your wondering  Tumblr)

b)pushing your opinions on someone else.

c)be petty towards people's misjudgement mistake in wording or something they said like 10 odd years ago and they have changed since then.

d) be quick to say 'THERE SEXIST' yes,okay that may be very true but don't announce it if you don't know its true what if this person didn't even say or do that thing that makes you think that now everyone perceives them as a jerk even though they are not.image how horrid that must be for them.

sorry i had to bring this sort of subject up
grammar and punctuation is for losers stay you boo and be sure to 
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~panda x


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