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Disclaimer: I do not write for pity for sympathy or for money I write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason I post online because it is requested by many people 

happy new year everyone how was your Christmas! today I thought I would talk about a pretty odd subject I haven't really talked about before and may not be relatable to everyone but I thought I may as well discuss it might be interesting I guess.

new years this weird odd moment of panic and excitement the moment you turn the page and can't go back it's the feeling of that the very last second to do or say anything your last chance to do something in 2016 but I guess that time and time can feel odd.So,2016 why? what's up with you? is it how badly we treat the environment? is it the way people still the bully ? is it that? why are you so nasty? I had some personal issues happen to me in 2016 which weren't fun but then Brexit election all the attacks ugh,let's just say it wasn't the best year for a lot of people including me.but 2017 what do you have in store? do we have to prepare our selfs or are you better than 2016 because I really hope so!
new years resolutions:
 I'm going to chill out with my blog-i have  this year's schedule but I'm not going to share it because I'm not going to super on the dot every time, for example, this was due January 1st but I was busy or had things I would rather do but I need to chill a bit because it's not like anyone particularly cares too much 
make videos- this one I feel I might not do because I've said it for 3 years now but I might live stream or upload directly upload on here just ask me some questions and put some suggestions in the comments tweet me ( @justpanda11 ) or dm me on Instagram     ( @_panda._._  )
learn Italian don't mean full on fluently but I'm learning hello and goodbye good evening etc it would be nice if I keep that up 
talk more at my school I usually sit in one corner on some steps on my own rain, snow,windIsit on my own with my latte and a book which I love and is how I get inspired by art,storys and blog posts but I need to begin to be aware of when its not good for me to be on my on my own in the cold ig.im ill extremely sad because it's not good for my health and ends up with me feeling worse.

hope y'all had a wonderful new year and remember:
grammar and punctuation is for losers stay you boo and be sure to 
like and share if you would like to and have a lovely day



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