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well so yes this was due a week ago but shush in uploading it aren't I? anyway, this is a new series that was planned to be done a long time ago hope y'all like it

Disclaimer: I do not write for pity for sympathy or for money I write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason I post online because it is requested by many people also these facts may not be accurate and won't be word for word from memory if you know me and see your name don't worry I replaced them all with fake names/ genders.

during my time in years 7 and 8 at my secondary school (high school seventh grade ..I think),    I had to partake in music lessons okay not knocking the music lessons and stuff because I mean the people are nice and the equipment is amazing and everyone seems very happy to help u out and all but ... god, do I hate it?So I thought I might give you a little story of um well the sort of great things that happened there
I was in the very back room playing the piano (badly) trying to read and concentrate while a group of girls were being very supportive and patient with me as I have never played to piano and I had to play adele in front of everyone when I have really bad anxiety and 0 piano experience and all I could hear was the group next door they kept walking into the room and well just being darn rude then all I could hear was this boy called Jamie and omg he was screaming at his group he was being such a 5-year-old, usually in this situation due to my great fear of confrontation I would have done absolutely nothing and just silently cried in the corner but that's not what happened at all.I swung open the door and shouted shut you little baby mouth and get on with what the hell u meant to be doing don't scream like a little baby or you won't get anywhere in this nasty world. And then half the people cheered and then the other looked at me like I killed their mother or something.
after the confrontation - I had many people run into the practice room and mock me as if they were children I felt ashamed, I should have just punched him I thought I should have just full on Hermione Granger style punched him round the face yes, I would have got in trouble would my parents care?they probably would but then again they know he deserves just that, and I can't image them being very angry at me or anything would school care? yeah of course but does that matter to me? no if course not to me if I know what I did was moral and right then that's all that matters to me not saying that's good at all but this isn't a blog post of advice it's of stories anyway I was shaking like hell had a meeting with my good old friend panic attack and then cried in the corner shaking in a ball when afterwards I was filmed performing adele crying and shaking.
Jamies mates found out and thought the whole thing was awful Jamie found out and never apologised but that's okay because its only one of the many times someone like Jamie sees me struggling and simply smiles at me in a sarcastic manner as if to say 'that's exactly what I was going for, I don't know you and your probably going through a lot but I'm just going to ruin your life even more anyway'

hope y'all like this series and remember:
grammar and punctuation is for losers stay you boo and be sure to 
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