what's really on my mind-||My Anxiety- part 3

Disclaimer: I do not write for pity for sympathy or for money I write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason I post online because it is requested by many people

today I want to talk about methods and techniques and the question 'how do I get rid of anxiety ?' 
The question 'how do i get rid of anxiety' is a hard question sometimes its not a case of getting rid of it because you may have this for the rest of your life however I know that the number one thing that can decrease your anxiety is understanding ,understand where the problem is coming from lets say its an after school club or something like that ,you can therefore assess whether you can get rid of this problem and whether you can avoid this from your life or not.if u can, u can do it! I believe in u !! yes blah blah cheesy all that but that what this series is so deal with it, and get rid of it!and if you cant then that sucks but you might want to have to find some coping methods, I have named 3 of my most effective techniques.

don't instantly think weird ass hippie stuff because it's really whatever you make out of it.For example, I simply use it as a way to sit in peace for 10 minutes and listen to rain noises and focus on my breathing however,others may use it as a way of centering themselves and bringing themselves into the now and remind them of the situation and that it is going to be okay with time.If you find yourself saying 'I'm impatient I can't meditate' sorry to break it to you but,your very wrong if you drift off into other thoughts if you keep getting distracted that's okay just accept that and understand that meditation isn't for you particularly but if you get wound up about it, it's not going to be relaxing, if you accept that there is more chance of you feeling better in the end result.

this is the hardest but simplest change to make sometimes simply changing diet making balanced meals and drinking 8 glasses of water every day could decrease headaches acne and even help your immune system however I understand that it is a hard change to make and not always affordable for everyone but all everyone can do is their best and if we are doing that then that is what matters, in my opinion anyway.

this is  by far for me my favourite 'I can't draw' I hear you say,do not be silly I don't mean just that,draw paint dance sing,learn karate study a language read,write,make a blog,run,film,edit,walk,design,perfect,practice,sew,review films,direct films,design films,do make up do anything just find a way to express and to spill you stress to the world because to me the most positively beautifully wonderful  times can be to see things from a different perspective and to see into somebody else's story and forget your own.

finally , talk to someone and if you think anyone is in need of help I can't stress this enough they don't need you ruining it there probably getting better in their own time there's no need to go and tell the world there going to die or anything.please.If there not getting help? simply show them how and don't do it for them give them the numbers and the leaflets if you are at school there's probably some councilling or something you show them but I really don't agree with people doing it without confronting them.

have a lovely day y'all thanks for reading
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