Disclaimer: I do not write for pity for sympathy or for money I write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason I post online because it is requested by many people

hi, just a catch up if anyone cares (instead of the usual week 1 that is on schedule) 

 so first of all I thought since I broke all the promises I would open up this post to anything I could like a challenge, a video a drawing anything really that would make up for it! 
anyway here is a recap of what happened in the time I left:
-I got help for my anxiety 
-my best friend left my school 
-I fell in love with a highlighter
-got ill
-got so much homework I thought I would collapse 
-attempted inktober and failed only slightly 
-had the best Halloween with my best friend 
-went for coffee with one of oldest friends that's still there for me 
-went for a (sort of) shopping spree with a newer but lovely friend
-went to a friends house and filmed/directed a video for her 
-remembered I had a blog 

There will be better soon, I hope
grammar and punctuation is for losers later hater stay you boo 
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