Disclaimer: i do not write for pity for sympathy or for money i write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason i post online because it is requested by many people

whats really on my mind-i'm so very sad and jealous 

hello again, be aware today is a soppy one !

today currently as i write this is the day before school starts which means i'm in a rather  sad state of mind sad because of different reasons, i doubt you can sympathise or understand but, a large reason why i feel sad is because i'm scared and i'm nervous and i'm also  disappointed that i'm sad i'm also very jealous because i see loads of girls and guys from my school who i just don't understand i guess i don't understand how somebody could go to school come home and be able to think school is boring ! wake up go to school again and mess round come home and the cycle repeats until the end of the year when they think wow this went fast !!i don't understand for me it goes more like: go to school ,cry , work ,wish for everything to not be as it go home probably have a headache contemplate why i'm on a never ending cycle of education.wake up have fear take me over once more go to school do the same and by the end of the year i feel like its been centuries since i didn't feel broken,but then i have to remind myself that being sad is okay being scared is okay i'm scared and sad and i don't need to be jealous because as all the cheesy quotes say i am only human 
and finally :
have a lovely day y'all 
grammar and punctuation is for losers later hater stay you boo 
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