bullying isn't cool look snazzy with a smile

 Disclaimer: i do not write for pity for sympathy or for money i write to vent my thoughts and feelings about life currently in addition the reason i post online because it is requested by many people
bullying isn't cool look snazzy with a smile
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Hi y'all it's come to my attention a lot of you are reading this so that's really cool thanks a bunch!

so basically I was ,I guess u can call it bullied for a large portion of my life and it's starting to come back because I'm me I assume it's a mixture of  things but to be honest I think it's because they have nothing better to do they run out of people and there coming back to me again . In year 4-ish to 6 in primary I would get shouted at 'freak' 'emo' etc just because I loved wearing stuff from blue banana and every time I tried anything on I felt such belonging .The feeling of happiness that I found with clothes has always been there (but not wearing them! I hated that  as a kid I was a bit chubby and I genuinely got very upset by clothes).But being me I shrugged it off acted like I didn't care even if i felt upset but now I can't handle it at all! now I just get scared ,I get scared because people like this are the next generation these people think it's ok to say these things even if you made them have panic attacks and embarrass yourself in front of everyone if anything is a good thing to them to see me on the floor crying its funnier?I just wish that when they grow up they do grow up and they realise how much they have effected my whole life and if not even that i hope they realise what naive idiots they were (many other words i could have used)At the end of the day wear what the hell you like if u get called a nerd or a greb or whatever terms you use its obviously horrible and you have the right to be upset but embrace it as much as you can do what you can to make yourself happy remember people in the words of Sia : your never fully dressed without a smile x

hope this a bit more uplifting than usual !
grammar and punctuation is for losers later hater stay you boo 
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