A post to let u know why 

I apologise for the lack of anything Instagram posts and blog i have been dealing with multiple issues since the last post that kept piling up therefore i decided that i'm not doing this blog thing anymore but now I've realised that this blog helps me i think its because I've pretty much had a diary my whole life.Since so much has been in my head recently i have found its harder to put it all on paper at the time I'm feeling that way and when I'm on my blog i find it easier however, the thing is if i post all this stuff some people are getting the wrong impression and think I'm doing it for attention,a reaction and I'm not i am really not I'm doing it for me and the obvious thought is why don't u just not post it, and I know that's what i was basically doing when i was gone however, due to people saying they love it, miss it or encouraging the blog have made me want to revisit this blog.yes,this probably wont stay.yes,nobody cares,and no,I'm not doing this for any reason but because i want to.and please if your looking for something uplifting, a role model ,advice,maybe you should go watch Carrie or something because that's not who i am,well not who i am now at the moment  I'm a stressed teen controlled by her emotions and cant control them.

Hopefully i will get back to my schedule witch was neglected anyway but i will try,for those interested here is my schedule 

 and finally :
have a lovely day y'all 
grammar and punctuation is for losers later hater stay you boo 
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