Let's talk real talk -#01-music and youtube atm
before I get into it I just want to say a couple things firstly hope y'all are liking my swaggy titles lol. last week was my week of however next week or so I'll try my best to upload but if I can't  won't because I don't want to stress about this x .also thank you for my positive reaction from my first post from anxiety blog series means a lot  ^_^

so today I'll be talking about a song by Joni Fatora 
and I just wanted to talk about how beautiful it is and the lyrics are wrote in such a way that they can't not make you feel at peace and content for a couple minutes or so (for me anyway).This is what I wanted to talk about , this is the amazing wonderful thing about music and art it makes people feel different ways uplifting or not, it doesn't matter but if it can make the consumer think in a different way then it's good art in my book.There's  so many songs that do the same in my opinion almost 100's.I just wanted to talk about this one because it has been a favourite recently

 I also watched a video recently which i wont link because i don't want the video to get more views it was 'exposing' a certain YouTubers personal issues and i don't care if it was real or not because it wasn't benefiting anyone if it wasn't truthful then the creator was just ending the YouTubers carrier.if it was true then all it was doing was spreading rumours round youtube  and stoking the ego of those who think the same and confirming your a jerk to those who don't,which isn't making people think different at all however,i'm not saying people cant put there honest opinion about someone on youtube i'm just saying if you were you don't have to expose there personal problems that they don't want to share online because we all have our own

have a lovely day y'all 

remember:grammar and punctuation is for losers later hater stay you boo 
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