Recap in my boring life !

i liked this a lot and this post looked empty so here chu go? ^_^
Heyo tis meh!

oh hey,looks like i forgot about this oops so brief overview of stuff that i could have talked about:

-i had a harry potter movie  marathon and it changed me by that i mean i stayed in my room for 3 days in the dark in my room with no social interaction and went slightly more insane than usual.

-school or in other ways hell+a couple 100 13 year old girls who haven't yet realised there annoying as hell = a big ol fiery hell.

-i went out to see Alice through the looking glass and some squad of swearing 10 year olds ruined it (^0^)

-i got nervous in a test and swallowed a tiny lil bit of plastic from the end of my pen now i have a super sore throat

-im still a boring human who hates themselves !

-Christina Grimmie (sorry if i spelt it wrong) died and in was super sad 

-i ate a lot of sweets with my bwestest frewnd evaa and was supper happyyy

anywayyys hope y'all are having a noice dayyy xx sozzys this one was boring 

grammar and punctuation is for losers later hater stay you boo 
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